We believe disruption
is the key to progress.


Fearlessly improving learning


Developing instructional curriculum solutions requires a strong partnership with our clients in order to clearly identify your core business goals and educational objectives. disruptED can improve your organization by elevating your training programs, with the help of state-of-the-art technology and innovative thinking. Ultimately, we help you design a unique blend of immersive courseware solutions that are inventive, interactive, and impactful. The possibilities are endless!


The experiential age of learning is here


disruptED is creating immersive learning experiences by combining AR and VR technology into one unique experience. Our tools improve engagement, collaboration, and performance, and bring joy and empowerment to learners. Gamified activities add interactive layers of educational exploration, resulting in deeper learning.

Creating disruptive products


Augmented Reality

Our tools combine traditional learning materials with augmented reality technology to create a virtual pop-up book that brings characters to life. Each book engages learners with 3D animations, narration, and sound effects, and includes specially-designed educational activities.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology gives learners a 360-degree dive into the world of each story, creating a sensory experience like never before. Using a VR headset completely transforms learning, allowing users to explore multiple layers of educational content.


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